What should I do if the mechanical watch does not go or goes slow?

If the automatic mechanical Casual Watches often does not leave after one night, it is a matter of power first.For automatic mechanical watches, the winding efficiency is relatively low due to insufficient arm swing during the day. When worn during the day, the clockwork of the watch is barely enough to provide normal operation of the watch. But most people take off their watches when they sleep at night, and there is no energy supply when the watches are taken off.
And some of the additional functions are that the watch date and week are working from 8 pm to 2 am. These additional functions also require a little power when working, which will give the meager power that the watch has left. It is exhausted, so the watch will not go away after one night.
When the watch stops, the watch can be wound up to work again. If it is found after checking that the reason why the mechanical Diamond Watches does not go is not because of insufficient kinetic energy, it is because the mechanical watch is faulty and needs to be sent to a professional maintenance staff for repair . If you do not understand the watch very well, it is not recommended to disassemble the watch and check or repair it yourself.