This Gaga Milano Neymar Jr Limited Edition

The Italian watch brand has come a long way from its origins in Milan to the achievement of its first launch in the Middle East, and today taking Asia by storm. Rapidly expanding around Europe, Africa and South America, the Gaga Milano brand is gradually carving its niche in the world of watchmaking. Although deeply rooted in Italian heritage, Gaga Milano is fabricated with Swiss precision and craftsmanship at its headquarters in Switzerland. These days, it has gained international support and following not only from regular watch collectors however among celebrities as well.
Here are just seven of our favorite funky and limited-edition watches in the lush Gaga Milano brand. As due to a Neymar and Gaga Milano watch, the exciting Gaga Milano Neymar Jr.. Limited Edition timepiece is outside iconic. Having a yellowish gold-plated situation and bezel mended having a screw-in crown, the watch features the numeral marker’10’ lined with white diamonds to symbolise Neymar’s kit number 10. This could be a joy to see connoisseurs who are also fans of the outstanding Brazillian footballer.
Even if you’re not, but the prestige associated with this view remains attractive. As a limited-edition bit with just 111 pieces, it’s unquestionably a rare purchase for collectors. Working with a quartz movement, it features a black leather strap that’s handmade in Italy. Therefore, it is not simply the outer look of the watch which makes it a high-demand product, but also the quality it ensures to its wearers.