How Do You Set A Rolex ?


The Yacht-Master is not a pretty view. In order to protect it it is built with a crown that helps encloses the motion and its inner mechanisms. But even with its fantastic features, you may be asking yourself how you are supposed to place it.

Listed below are the steps on how to establish the Rolex Yacht-Master:

Until you arrive at the position, you may wish to twist this mechanism. This is the position which allows you place the time.
Turn the knob until you’ve set the right time.
Now push the knob back into its starting position until your desired time is set.
Other Watch Functions

There are lots of watch functions that include this watch other than a simple time tracking function. So Here’s a little look at some of its capacities and how to use these:


Move the bezel ring . Until you’ve got it clicked to the placement that is right, you are going to want to turn this. Once this is completed, use the pusher at the right side of this case’s bottom. Afterwards, place the crown together with the triangle hands facing the counter at the middle of the face. Return the bezel and then relock the crown. Use the pusher just like you would using a stop watch after doing this.
Stop watch: To use the stopwatch function, all you have to do is push the best pusher on the right. The stopwatch starts As soon as you push down the timer. All you have to do is push the button to stop it.
Flyback: This function is used to send the countdown to its previous minute mark. Additionally, it allows you to save time using its memory so that you can track lap times that are different. This feature is controlled from the base pusher.
Final Thoughts

This watch is crafted to be a beautiful accessory for sea experiences while also being a luxury statement piece. It brings together both function and style with its own patented attention and its watch face .

As previously mentioned, said watch is powered with a motion that is functional and consists of a design that offers each watch collector using a lasting dependable timepiece.

All in all, the Yacht-Master Ref. 116655-0007 is a unique and stunning addition to any watch set. This is only the price you pay for exceptionalism, although it might come with a hefty price tag since it is constructed with metals.